Utility programs

These programs perform various utility operations such as changing file formats or special computations.

Note: all of the software in the tps---- series listed below are freely available for use in research and teaching.


tps file utility program. Windows. At present it can: randomly scramble the order of specimens in a tps file to minimize bias in digitizing landmark locations, restore the original order (e.g., before statistical analyses are performed), create an empty TPS file from a directory with image files, add keywords and values to the variables field of a TPS file, combine TPS files into a single TPS file, delete/reorder landmarks, remove outlines from a TPS file, and convert TPS and NTS files to NTS, M, or CSV files. It can also split an NTS file into several matrices. Graphic editors are included for drawing link and "sliders" files. Computes perimeter, area enclosed by landmarks, and a measure of circularity. Can redefine outline and curves points as landmark points (just places the coordinates in a different position in the tps file).

Unbending a deformed specimen. Users may find the guide by Travis C. Haas helpful.

tpsUtil is compatible with modern versions of Windows - both 32 and 64 bit.

Other operations can be added - let me know what you need. By F. James Rohlf. Version 1.79.

CLIC package Collection of Landmarks for Identification and Characterization. By Jean-Pierre Dujardin Short instructions. Download. For Windows and Linux. 2/4/2011
resample Resample.exe enables users to resample a curvilinear set of semi-landmarks into a user-prescribed set of evenly-spaced semi-landmarks, using weighted linear interpolation. The program runs from a Windows Command Prompt. Resample was developed by David Reddy & Johann Kim and recently revised by Dr. Ryan Raaum. User Guide. 9/17/2006
DVLR DVLR.msi (Dorsal-Ventral-Left-Right fitting) enables users to collect landmarks in two specimen orientations and then 'paste' them together to create a single individual. DVLR was developed by David Reddy and recently revised by Dr. Ryan Raaum. For Windows.User Guide. 9/17/2006
TET TET converting and editing CLIC files readme, from http://mome-clic.com/wp-content/clic-package/tet_start.txt 7/25/2014
VAR VAR univariate parametric and non-parametric analyses readme, from http://mome-clic.com/wp-content/clic-package/var_start.txt JP. Dujardin, http://mome-clic.com/clic-package 7/25/2014
ConverThor Format conversion between MODICOS and NTS files. This program uses the java platform. The ZIP file can be download from the web page given by the link at the left. The ZIP file contains the executable .jar file and a readme.html file.By Antonio Carvajal-Rodríguez. 6/1/2004

Format conversion. Windows. Program for converting files in NTSYSpc format to the Comma-Separated Values (CSV) format compatible with MS-Excel and other spreadsheet and statistical software. ZIP file includes Delphi source code and a pre-compiled executable for MS-Windows. By Mauro J. Cavalcanti.


Format conversion. DOS. Format conversion program. Converts data formats between many programs used in morphometrics. By Dennis Slice.


A video capture/processing utility for 32-bit Windows platforms. Can convert frames of an AVI file to individual image files.


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