Tutorial and planning software

This is software intended for teaching or planning purposes rather than for the actual analysis of data.

Explore shapes of triangles. Windows. A tutorial program to demonstrate some of the relationships between shape coordinates, Kendall shape space, GPA aligned space, tangent space, the uniform shape component for three points in the plane (i.e., triangles), and size-shape space. Comparisons with EDMA-I, EDMA-II, and log-interlandmark and angle spaces are included. It also permits a number of interesting sampling experiments for triangles. tpsTri64 requires 64 bit versions of Windows. The 32 bit version is compatible with Windows XP to 10. By F. James Rohlf. Version 1.28.

The 16bit version is still available.

DARCY D'arcygraph program. DOS. Interactive program to show effect of affine transformations. By D. Rasskin-Gutman. 8/9/93
tpsPower Estimate statistical power for comparing shapes, Windows. Program for estimating statistical power for comparing the mean shapes of two populations. Provides methods based on several different approaches. Can be used for planning morphometric studies as well as to compare power using different approaches. Note: presently assumes uncorrelated variation at landmarks. Version 1.06. By F. James Rohlf. 11/11/07

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