Shape coordinates

Programs to compute Bookstein shape coordinates and to perform statistical analyses based on these shape coordinates.



Program to Compute Shape Coordinates, Uniform X and Y, and Centroid Size. Windows. Shape is a program to compute Bookstein's Shape Coordinates from 2-dimensional coordinates from a digitizer, TV etc. Shape coordinates are computed by rotating and translating individual landmark configurations to a baseline, and scaling them by the length of the baseline. The transformed coordinates of the other landmarks serve as variables that represent the shape of each specimen relative to this absolute reference orientation. Input file format is that used by the Rohlf&Slice GRF program. Several output formats are provided (GRF, NTSYSpc, and tpspline). Source code is also available. By Mauro J. Cavalcanti, Centro de Ciências Biológicas, Universidade Santa Úrsula.

UNIGRAPH Estimation of uniform component. DOS. A program for computation of shape coordinates, centroid size, uniform X & Y, and plots. The file contains program, documentation, and test data. By Les Marcus. 10/11/93

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