Archived software

Collections of software distributed as part of the proceedings of the 1990 and 1991 morphometric workshops.


Files from "Contributions to morphometrics". The 1993 volume by Marcus et al. (eds) resulting from the workshop held in Valsain, Spain in 1991. See the readme file for information on the contents of the files.

Michigan Morphometrics Workshop. The following files are an archive of those from the distribution disks associated with the Proceedings of the Michigan Morphometric Workshop (Rohlf and Bookstein, 1990). Note: most of the programs are by now quite out of date. Files that have been explicitly replaced with more recent software are not included. Look on the other www pages for their replacements. Each file is a self-extracting file containing a readme file and other documentation and test data.
BOOKST Relative warps. DOS. Relative warps program (in FORTRAN) by F. L. Bookstein with a front-end driver program by J. Kim. [Note: the driver program does not work.]



LSTRA and RFTRA. DOS. Programs (in two files) for superimposition of two 2D configurations of landmarks. By R. Chapman.
CHEV Finite elements scaling analysis. FORTRAN. SCALE3D program by James Cheverud.
IMAGEZ Image analysis. DOS. A simple program to demonstrate various types of image enhancement. By F. James Rohlf and Denis Slice.
[LOHMN1], [LOHMN2], [LOHMN3] Eigenshape analysis. DOS. A large suite of programs (in three files) for eigenshape analysis. By P. N. Schweitzer and G. P. Lohmann.
MACLEOD Burnaby correction and shearing. DOS. Programs to compute Burnaby size correction and to perform shearing. By Norm MacLeod.
PROJ Estimation of uniform component. DOS. By F. L. Bookstein.
RAY-DATA Data and sotware from Tom Ray. C. Data and program written in C used in chapter by Thomas S. Ray.
REYM Canonical variates and PCA. FORTRAN. Programs to perform canonical variates and principal components analyses. By Richard Reyment
STRAN1]: and [STRAN2 Median axis. DOS. LINESKEL program (in two files) to compute the median axis of an outline shape. By D. O. Straney
MARCUS Lesware. SAS and Matlab. Programs by Leslie Marcus.

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