Publications relevant to geometric morphometrics.

Link Interactive citation network for geometric morphometrics in anthropology. By Robert Z. Selden, Jr..
Review A general review of the field of geometric morphometrics in late 2002. By Adams, Rohlf, and Slice.

A list of books, workshop proceedings, and similar documents concerned with geometric morphometrics.

Multivariate primer A contribution by Richard Reyment containing a "Multivariate Statistical Primer for Geologists."
Glossary for morphometrics A glossary of morphometric terms. It is based on the glossary in the NATO volume ("white book") by Marcus et al. (1996).
PalaeoMath Newsletters that include introductory descriptions of geometric morphometrics and some of the statistical methods used. In both html and PDF formats. in By Norm MacLeod.
Fish Geometric Morphometrics References on Fish Geometric Morphometrics. Available in HTML format. By Mauro J. Cavalcanti.
A Step-by-Step Guide for Geometric Morphometrics of Floral Symmetry

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