Many young people in America want to be marine biologists, all specializing on whales and dolphins. I can't discourage you from your dreams. After all, dreams propel young people to great things. But as you dream, sometimes reality may appear and set the flow of your dreams in new directions. Keep in mind that there probably are no more than 20 full time marine mammal researchers in the United States, and maybe a couple of hundred more involved in various management programs and consulting studies, but there are literally thousands of you who want to grow up to work on whales and dolphins. You may have a better chance to be a professional basketball player! Also remember that the ocean and its creatures are vast and fascinating. There is an endless number of problems to study. The ocean is also in a crisis, especially the coastal ocean, where disturbance and pollution are becoming more and more widespread, especially in the most pristine and remote places. There is lots to study and lots to do beyond marine mammals, which I admit are lovely and emblems of the ocean, even for me. If you want some information there is a good source available. So think of the many other careers available in marine biology and marine science. There are also a number of college marine biology programs that may let you follow your dreams to be a marine biologist.

Well, here are just a sample of the messages I have received telling me of your passion for marine mammals (with names removed).


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Here goes! name is xxxx and i am currently in the 9th grade. i am very

interested in becoming a marine biologist/trainer for killer whales. right

now i am in the process of adopting a kiler whale. i would like to know all i

can about becoming a marine biologist and what it really takes. if there is

any advice u can give me that is NOT on the web pages please send me some!

thanks alot



My name is xxxxx and I am interested in becoming a Marine

Biologist. But more specifically, a Marine Mammal Researcher. All my life

I have wanted to live out on a boat and study whales, dolphins, and all

other types of marine life. I recently went to Sea World in Orlando, Fl

and got to particiapte in a hands-on experience with the dolphins at Sea

World. I can't even begin to describe the feeling of being in the water

with a dolphin and getting to touch it. It was awesome!

I guess what my main point is, what would you recommend me to do as far


becoming a marine biologist with my certian interests? I would really

apprecitate some college names and maybe even some tips as to how and what

I need to do to become what my #1 dream is.

Thank you for your time. I really do admire your job and hope to one


become what I want.



Hello! My name is xxxx and I am interested in marine biology.

The only thing is I dont know exactly what I want to do or what to study in

school to get there. I thought maybe you could explain the different fields

of marine biology. I am interested in working with large mammals-- such as

manatees (mainly), dolphins, and whales. I am not sure if that helps you

explain what kind of field I am trying to look for. I was born and raised in

Florida so those animals have always caught my interest and also manatees are

endangered and I would love to study them closer. So, if you could help me I

would appreciate it very much or if you could direct me to someone or

organization that could help me.

thank you,


I am looking for addresses of places to learn more about dolphins,

training them and working with them in performance environments. The

main obstacle in my pursuits has been the fact that I live in Illinois.

I am not interested so much in science as I am training/performance.

Please send me something if possible. Thanks!


I really, really, REALLY want to be a marine biologist, because I have a

very strong love for Dolphins and I want my job to be to swim with them

and watch them and stuff, mom says that it's alot of researching and

stuff, but I'm only 13. I wanted to know who could give me a brief

outline in the days of a marine biologist.