Stony Brook University
November 3, 2012

8:30am Registration in the Theater Lobby of the Charles B. Wang Center
9:00am Lev Ginzburg, Stony Brook University - Greeting and Introduction.
9:15am Daniel Hartl, Harvard University - Pervasive Weak Selection and Finicky Proteins.
9:55am Antony M. Dean, University of Minnesota - Dykhuizen: the Making of a Modern Science.
10:35am Coffee Break
11:00am Daniel M. Stoebel, Harvey Mudd College - The Role of Mobile Genetic Elements in Adaptive Evolution.
11:40am Lin Chao, University of California, San Diego - Evolution of Aging, Mortality and Immortality in Bacteria.
12:20pm Lunch Break
1:50pm Lev Ginzburg, Stony Brook University - Greetings from Richard C. Lewontin.
2:00pm Evgeni Sokurenko, University of Washington - Pathoadaptive Mutations in Bacterial Genomes.
2:40pm David S. Guttman, University of Toronto - Evolutionary Genomic Dissection of Innate Immunty Elicitors.
3:20pm Coffee Break
3:45pm Michael Feldgarden, Broad Institute - Applied Microbial Population Genetics: Linking Genomics and Infectious Disease.
4:25pm Roundtable Discussion: Dustin Brisson, University of Pennsylvania; Paul W. Ewald, University of Louisville, Weigang Qiu, City University of New York; and Ing-Nang Wang, University at Albany - Contributions of Ecology and Evolution to the Study of Infectious Disease.
5:15pm Closing Comments and Instructions for Dinner.
5:50pm Depart for dinner.

VENUE: All symposium sessions will be held in Lecture Hall 2 of the Charles B. Wang Center at Stony Brook University. Coffee breaks will be held in the Wang Center Chapel. Lunch may be purchased in the Student Activities Center cafeteria or at restaurants near campus in Stony Brook.

CAMPUS PARKING: Free parking is available during the symposium in the Administration Parking Garage at the end of the Main Entrance (Shirley Kenny Drive) to Stony Brook University, across the street from the Charles B. Wang Center, where the symposium will be held.

BANQUET: The banquet following the symposium will be held at Lev Ginzburg's home, a short distance from campus. The meal will be catered by Mirabelle, which is recognized for its fine French cuisine.

CAMPUS MAP: Go to to locate the Charles B. Wang Center, the Administration Parking Garage, and the Student Activities Center.

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