Welcome to the Life Sciences Greenhouse

The Life Sciences Greenhouse serves as a research and instructional support facility for the Biological Sciences. The Departments of Ecology and Evolution, Biochemistry and Undergraduate Biology are the main users of the facility. Space and supplies are provided in exchange for a user fee based on total square footage used. The Greenhouse also provides plant related services to the University by setting up decorative plants at many of the University's functions. Examples are Commencement, Awards Dinners, Student Organizations, Guest Lectures, Visits by Dignitaries, etc. All inquiries regarding the use of the facility and services provided should be addressed to the Greenhouse Curator.

The Life Sciences Greenhouse facility was constructed in 1974 and consists of a 14,000 sq. ft. Lord and Burnham glass greenhouse. The structure is designed as a center hall under glass with 15 rooms or bays that connect to the center hall. Each bay has it's own thermostats which control the environmental conditions. The facility also houses a small number of plant environmental growth chambers which can be used for more precise environmental control.

Created and maintained at Dept. of Ecology and Evolution
State University of New York at Stony Brook