Workshops and Conferences on Geometric Morphometrics

* 1988. Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Organized by Jennifer Kitchell, Fred Bookstein, and William Fink at The University of Michigan.. Funded by the National Science Foundation. Proceedings published as Rohlf and Bookstein 1990 (the "blue book").

1990 Stony Brook, New York.
Department of Ecology and Evolution, State University of New York. Organized by F. James Rohlf. Funded by the National Science Foundation.

1991 - Valsain, Spain.
Organized by Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid. Resulted in the publication of Marcus et al. (1993), the "black book".

1991 - Deakin University, Vic. Australia.
Organized by Richard Reyment at the 11th International Symposium on Ostracoda.

1993 - The Leeds Conference "Shape and Image Analysis for Industry and Medicine"
Organized by Kanti Mardia and C. A. Gill. July 1st - 3rd, 1992.

1992 - Paris, France.
Museum national d'Histoire Naturelle. Organized by Michel Baylac. .

1992 - Universidad Simon Bolivar, Venezuela
workshop on Geometric Morphometrics at the Analisis de Datos en Sistematica. Held Dec. 7 and 11, 1992.

1993 - The Leeds Conference "Shape recognition in 2-D and 3-D images"
University of Leeds. July 12-14, 1993. Organized by Kanti Mardia and C. A. Gill.

1993 - Il Ciocco, Italy.
Organized by Les Marcus. Funded by NATO. Resulted in the publication Marcus et al. (1996), the "white book".

1995 - Leeds Conference "Current Issues in Statistical Shape Analysis"
University of Leeds. April 5-7, 1995. Organized by Kanti Mardia and C. A. Gill.

1995 - Taille, Allometrie, et Elimination de la Taille en Morphometrie Multivariable.
February 27 to March 1, 1995, Paris, France. Organized by Group de Travail Morphometrie et Analyse de Forme, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle.

1996 - Morphometrics and Evolution, Budapest, Hungary.
Symposium held at the Fifth International Congress of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology, Budapest (Hungary), August 17-24, 1996. Organized by C. P. Klingenberg & F. L. Bookstein.

1996 - Insect Morphometrics, Florence, Italy.
Symposium held at the XX. International Congress of Entomology, Florence (Italy), August 25-31, 1996. Organized by C. P. Klingenberg & M. Zimmermann.

1997 - Taipei, Taiwan.
Academia Sinica, ROC. Organized by Kwang-tsao Shao.

1997 - Rome, Italy.
Univ. of Rome, "La sapienza". April 7-11, 1997. Organized by Marco Corti.

1998 - Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, UK.
Symposium on "The control of size and shape in skeletal morphogenesis." Sponsored by the European Science Foundation. September 3-5, 1998. Organized by Michael Akam.

1998 - Geometric Morphometrics in Mammology
Euro-American Mammal Congress, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Organized by Leslie Marcus and Marco Corti.

1998 - Vienna, Austria.
Institute of Human Biology, at the University of Vienna, Austria. The Second Zumtobel Lecture. Organized by Leslie Marcus.

1999 - Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
Shape, Morphology and Phylogeny Symposium held at the Second Biennial meeting of the Systematics Association, University of Glasgow, August 25, 1999. Organized by Norman MacLeod and Peter Forey.

2000 - SYSTEMATICS 2000
SECOND CONFERENCE OF THE SOUTHERN AFRICAN SOCIETY FOR SYSTEMATIC BIOLOGY, 10 - 15 July 2000, Mtunzini, KwaZulu/Natal. It will include contributions in the areas of Biogeography, Cladistics, Cytotaxonomy, Molecular & Biochemical Techniques, Morphology, Morphometrics, Palaeotaxonomy, Species Concepts, and Systematics and Conservation. Includes a 4-day workshop on geometric morphometrics by F. James Rohlf and Marco Corti. Included a session on linear algebra by Dr Olav Jordens (University of Natal, Durban) and Prof Steve Piper (University of Natal, Pietermarizburg).

2000 - Vienna, Austria.
Institute of Human Biology, at the University of Vienna, Austria. The Third Zumtobel Lecture held May 31 to June 2, 2000. Organized by Horst Seidler and Katrin Schaefer.

2001 - Santiago, Chile.
"Morfometria geométrica: bases conceptuales y aplicaciones" in the Departmento de Ciencias Ecologicas, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Chile from 22 through 26 May 2001. Orgainzed by Dr.Rodrigo Medel. Sponsored by Millennium Center of Advanced Studies in Ecology and Research on Biodiversity.

2001 - University of Zurich
A workshop in morphometrics was held on 28th/29th November 2001 at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Lectures presented by Dr. Dennis E. Slice. Sponsored by PhD-program "Ecology", Institute of Environmental Sciences. For more information, contact H. Krättli:

2002 - Museo Civico di Zoologia di Roma
A workshop course in morphometrics was be held from 14 to 18 January 2002 at the Museo Civico di Zoologia di Roma, Rome, Italy. Lectures presented in English by F. James. Rohlf (State University of New York at Stony Brook), Dennis F. Slice (State University of New York at Stony Brook), Dean Adams (Iowa State University), and Marco Corti (Università degli Studi "La Sapienza", Rome). For information on the program see (it is in both Italian and English). You can also contact the Director Anna Loy (Università del Molise) at .

2002 - Symposium on "Modern Morphometrics in Physical Anthropology".
Organized by Dennis E. Slice. Held on April 13th, 2002 at the American Association of Physical Anthropologists meetings in Buffalo, NY.
2004 -Workshop in Geometric Morphometrics
A workshop for Nordic PhD-students, who are interested in shape variation in organisms and its covariation with other variables. It was held at Kronlund, Umeå University, Sweden from March 15 - 19, 2004. A detailed description is given on their web site. For more information contact Frank Johansson.
2004 -Workshop de morfometria geométrica
The Natural History Museum (Geometric Morphometrics Laboratory) and the Geology Department of University of Lisbon organized the first Geometric Morphometric Workshop in Portugal, on May 6, 7, and 10, 2004. Luis Azevedo Rodrigues planned this workshop with the support of Dr. Vanda Faria dos Santos and Dr. Mário Cachão. It was sponsored by Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento, Fundação da Universidade de Lisboa, and the Geology Department, University of Lisbon.
Morphometrics workshop, Iowa State University
An NSF-sponsored Morphometrics workshop was held at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA from May 29 to June 2, 2006. The instructors were: Dean C. Adams (Iowa State University), F. James Rohlf (SUNY Stony Brook), and Dennis E. Slice (University of Vienna). Keynote speaker: Fred L. Bookstein (University of Washington). More information can be found at:
Morphometrics workshop at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TURKEY.
This workshop was offered especially to researchers and graduate students from countries in Southern Europe, the Middle East, and the Balkans, who are interested in shape variation in organisms. The workshop ran from 12 to 16 June, 2006. The workshop was limited to 20 participants. The instructors were: Dean C. Adams (Iowa State University), F. James Rohlf (SUNY Stony Brook), and Dennis E. Slice (University of Vienna).
MorphoFest 2006, Vienna, Austria.
Summer School, Symposium, and Workshop on Geometric Morphometrics at the Department of Anthropology, University of Vienna. July 11-22, 2006. Shared Central Theme: quantitative morphology and data analysis in three dimensions. Additional information is available as a PDF file.
Introduzione all'Analisi Morfometrica delle Piante Vascolari, Barisciano, Italy.
Workshop at the Centro Ricerche Floristiche dell'Appennino, Barisciano, Italy. 5-8 October 2006. Instructors: F. James Rohlf (SUNY Stony Brook), and Dennis E. Slice (University of Vienna). Organized by Nico Passalaqua, University of Calabria.
Multivariate Techniques for Growth and Evolution of Form, July 6 – 10, 2008, Vienna, Austria.
Beginner's Day (introductory lectures by Rohlf and Slice), Summer School, and a Symposium on "Different Varieties of Morphometrics" at the Department of Anthropology, University of Vienna. July 6 to 10, 2008. Local committee: K. Schaefer, F.L. Bookstein, M. Tanzer, H. Seidler & G. Weber. Details of the program are available as a PDF file.
Turin 2009 Geometrics Morphometrics Workshop - August 31 to September 2, 2009
A short course in geometric morphometrics was be held at Turin University from August 31st to September 2nd 2009, immediately after the end of the ESEB 2009 meeting. The workshop covered both introductory and more advanced topics. Lectures and practicals will be given by Chris Klingenberg (University of Manchester, UK) and Andrea Cardini ( Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy, and the Hull York Medical School, UK).
University of Genova (Italy) 17-19 February 2010
This short course was organized by the DIPTERIS Department and the STAT Doctoral School. Lectures and practicals were given by Dean Adams (Iowa State University). The course was attended by 18 enthusiastic participants that came from different research fields: herpetology, entomology, marine biology and botany. Sebastiano Salvidio.
University of Florence (Italy) - 13-15 January 2010.
Prof. Dean Adams (Iowa State University, USA), taught an intensive short course on Geometric Morphometrics at the University of Florence, Italy. The course was organized by the zoological section of the "Museo di Storia Naturale dell' Università di Firenze".
University of Molise, Pesche, Insernia, Italy. 1-5 February 2010.
workshop was organised by Anna Loy, Tassos Kotsakis and Paolo Piras at the new Centre for Evolutionary Ecology.

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