Taiwan Morphometrics Workshop

Feb. 25-28, 1997.

Fred Bookstein, Jim Rohlf and I conducted a 4 day workshop the last week of February in Taiwan sponsored by Academia Sinica. Quite successful we believe with some firsts - live demo of Edgewarp by Fred in an auditorium warping his portrait and other data (Jim and I would have probably been more creative on his picture) including schizophrenic study; translation to chinese of some of the literature; and ever more coherent clear presentation of the topics involved with new outline Procrustes included. Still need a primer text. Our host Shao Kwang-tsao, Director of the Zoology Institute distributed some papers that made a pretty good text. Having all of the cuisines of china in one island was a wonderful added attraction - so we dined exquisitely on a sumptious, beautiful and healthy cuisine.

Leslie F. Marcus

F. James Rohlf, , November 23, 1998