The Proceedings of the Symposium

"Geometric Morphometrics in Mammalogy

(Euro-American Mammal Congress, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, July 19-24, 1998)

has been published as a special issue of Hystrix, Italian Journal of Mammalogy.

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Hystrix, Italian Journal of Mammalogy (N.S.), 11, 2000 - Special volume:Geometric Morphometrics in Mammalogy, pp. 1-154.

Special Editors: Corti M., Hingst-Zaher E. and Marcus L.F.


Corti M., Hingst-Zaher E. and Marcus L.F. - Introduction to symposium: Geometric Morphometrics in Mammalogy.

Rohlf F. J. - On the use of shape space to compare morphometric methods

Marcus L. F., Hingst-Zaher E., and Zaher H. - Application of landmark morphometrics to skulls representing the orders of living Mammals.

Swiderski D. L., Zelditch M.L. and Fink W. L. - Phylogenetic analysis of skull shape evolution in Marmotine Squirrels using landmarks and Thin-Plate Splines

Hood C. S. - Geometric morphometric approaches to the study of sexual size dimorphism in mammals.

Monteiro L. R. - Geometric morphometrics and the development of complex structures: ontogenetic changes in scapular shape of Dasypodid armadillos.

Hingst-Zaher E., Marcus L.F. and Cerqueira R. - Application of geometric morphometrics to the study of postnatal size and shape changes in the skull of Calomys expulsus.

Ast˙a de Moraes D., Hingst-Zaher E., Marcus L. F. and Cerqueira R. - A geometric morphometric analysis of cranial and mandibular shape variation of didelphid marsupials.

Fadda C. and Corti M. - Three Dimensional Geometric Morphometric study of the Ethiopian Myomys-Stenocephalemys complex (Murinae, Rodentia).

Corti M., Di Giuliomaria C. and Verheyen W. - Three-dimensional geometric morphometrics of the African genus Lophuromys (Rodentia Muridae).