this is a report on the Geometric Morphometric Workshop (namely Laboratorio di Morfometria Geometrica ) which was held in Rome from April 7 to April 11, at the Department of Animal and Human Biology of the University of Rome 'La Sapienza', organized by Marco Corti and Angelo Loy. About 30 attendants, mostly zoologists from various parts of Italy, had the opportunity of practicing with landmark acquisition and data analysis following each speaker session. F. James Rohlf from Stony Brook University gave a series of lectures on basic concepts of Geometric Morphometrics, including method of superpositions of landmarks, Thin Plate Spline analysis and the related statistics, and a very clear and clever review of the state od the art with respect to the relationships between tangent and shape spaces. Marco Corti gave general introduction to the geometric morphometrics, Carlo Fadda made a general introduction to matrix algebra and multivariate statistics, while Angelo Loy, Carlo Fadda and Anna Loy illustrated the various software and some applications in zoology. The workshop was structured with lessons in the morning and software demostration plus individual work in the afternoon. Software presented at the workshop includes GRF-ND by Dennis Slice, the updated versions of TPSDIG, TPSSPLIN, TPSSUPER, TPSSMALL, TPSTREE, TPSREGR by F. J. Rohlf, and various packages for image analysis and data acquisition (MORPHOSYS, MTV, SNAPPY, WINDIG, IMAGE PRO PLUS, QUANTIMET). The final day we visited the image acquisition and analysis laboratory at the Department of Biology of the II University of Rome 'Tor Vergata'. One of the most successfull aspect of this short meeting is the fact that within the five days the attendants were able to give a brief report on the work done during the workshop using their own data sets. For those who are interested to know other details we put more information on theNews section of the web page of our Department (htt://

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