WinDIG  Version 2.5

WinDIG is a data digitalization program.

Load a Windows bitmap, define a reference system on this bitmap, and get

point coordinates. Very useful if you have a scanner.

Main features:

- Get bitmaps from a file or from the clipboard

- Basic bitmap edition functions for small corrections

- Manual or fast automatic curve digitalization mode

- Configurable data format (normal or exponential)

- May handle up to 32767 data

- Save digitized data on file or into the clipboard

- Any axis system allowed, even tilted, rotated or non-orthogonal !

- Automatic search in any of the 4 directions

- Allow also colored curves digitalization

- Zoom window for higher pointing accuracy

- Supports drag and drop of Windows bitmap files

- Full description in a Windows help file

- FREE OF CHARGE: no billion of $ to send all over the world...

New in version 2.0 :

- TWAIN protocol interface, to get bitmaps directly from TWAIN scanners

- Load up to 15 different graphic formats, thanks to a great DLL by

     Joe C. Oliphant

- Save and print the current bitmap

- Print data

- A "grid remove" command, to hide background grids

- Bitmap stretching

- Undo last digitize

- Data numbering option

New in version 2.5 :

- New digitize options: upper line, lower line or contour

- Measure and store distances

- Display pixel RGB values in the coordinate window

- Adjustable pen and rubber shape and size

- Load, save and autoload scales

- Edit coordinate transform

- Data integration: let you sum up any linear function of the RGB values

- Rotate bitmaps

- Save bitmaps in ASCII format

- GIF files no more supported: complain to Unisys

- Load JPEG files with an external library: download the ECJDLL11.ZIP

  (   pub/pc/win3/programr/

  unzip it, and place WECJLIB.DLL in the WinDIG (or WINDOWS) directory

  For more information on this library, contact

      Express Compression Laboratories,

      PO Box 367, Caulfield East, Vic 3145, Australia


This zip file contains :

windig.exe    The Windows 3.1 executable (will also run on Windows 95)

windige.hlp   The Windows help file

grafiles.dll  A DLL to load many graphic files

example.bmp   A little .bmp to use as an example

readme.txt    This file

To install WinDIG : create a new directory, unzip these files in

this directory, and add an icon in one of your program manager groups.

WinDIG will create a windig.ini file in the same directory, but nothing


For network users: you may specify another path for the windig.ini

configuration file by specifying the /I option on the command line, i.e.:

WINDIG /I=C:\MYDIR    will use a windig.ini file in C:\MYDIR

To uninstall WinDIG, just remove this directory and the program manager


WinDIG is written in TPW 1.5

Uploaded by the author.

I would be very glad to know about users of this program.

The author :   Mr Dominique LOVY

               Dept. of Physical Chemistry

               University of GENEVA

               30 Quai Ansermet

               CH-1211 GENEVE 4


    E-Mail :