NOTE below is the original README file on the disk distributed with "Contributions to Morphometrics" edited by Leslie F. Marcus et al. Much of the software: GRF, TPS, BGI, TPSRW, TPSREGR are already available, usually in more up to date versions on the MORPHMET disk at

Everything is described in some detail in APPENDIXA.EXE. CONVERTA.EXE as a separate file.

Les Marcus November 16, 1994

***************BELOW ORIGINAL README on Contributions Disk*******************

                                                February 13, 1992

The filess on this disk are in self-extracting .exe files with an

A at the end of the file name.  APPNDIXA.EXE when you type APPNDIXA

will expand to APPENDIX.TXT, an ASCII version of the Appendix

discussing the  software in "Contributions to Morphometrics".

Print out APPENDIX.TXT, the most recent version, to list contents of the

disk and instructions for running the programs.  All files with an

A as their last letter were created using LHARC.EXE.

You will be able to extract APPENDIX.TXT in little space (about 15K).

All other modules should be put on a High Density 3 1/2" disk, 5 1/4"

disk, or in a directory on a hard disk with about 1 Megabyte available.

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