Superimposition analysis

While most all programs for landmark based geometric morphometerics contain a superimposition step, the programs listed below give the superimpostion as their main result. See also the tps series of programs and the comprehensive programs.

tpsSuper Superimposition, image unwarping and averaging. Prforms a least-squares orthogonal generalized Procrustes analysis, unwarps the images for each specimen to the consensus configuration, and then averages the unwarped images. The program can unwarp and average to an specified configuration of landmarks (for example estimated configurations provided by the tpsRelw, tpsRegr, or tpsTree programs) This program was written to provide a better visualization of an estimated shape than simply a plot of points corresponding to landmarks. It can also be used to help one decide whether one has sufficient landmarks - or perhaps more than are really necessary. The tpssuperw32.exe file expands into a Windows setup program and associated files. tpsSuper64 requires 64bit versions of Windows. By F. James Rohlf. Version 2.05 . The old 16 bit Windows version is still available here. 1/30/2018

The shapes package is a set of procedures for statistical shape analysis in R. Includes functions for Bookstein baseline registration for 2D data, GPA for 2 and higher dimensional data, plotting of shapes, and other functions. Index file listing the main functions. By Ian Dryden. Version 1.0-7.

MOG MOG partial GPA, and related analyses, readme, from JP. Dujardin, 7/25/2014

Superimposition and linear discriminant functions. DOS. Performs least-squares and resistant-fit superimposition of landmarks. Can average shapes and assign configurations to populations using linear discriminant functions. By Joe Kunkel (, Version 2.0.

GRF 2D Superimposition methods. DOS. Generalized rotational fit program. Its function has largely been replaced by the GRF-ND and Morpheus programs. Requires the [BGI-old]: graphics drivers. . Readme file. By F. James Rohlf and Dennis Slice. 12/20/92
GRF-ND n-dimensional Superimposition. DOS. N-dimensional generalized rotational fit program. By Dennis Slice. This program's function are largely replaced by Morpheus. This version includes a patch so that it can run on the current fast Pentium computers. It also includes the ability to output HPGL files compatible with software such as Word version 6 or higher. 12/15/99

Procrustes bin

Procrustes hqx

Procrustes analysis. Mac. a package for the Macintosh family of personal computers, which performs shape analyses using landmarks. It allows pairwise as well as multi-specimens comparisons. Several options are available, including LSTRA and RFTRA techniques. The files are available in both bin and hqx formats. Readme file. By Bruno David& Bernard Laurin. 12/20/94

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