PROCRUSTES is a package for the Macintosh family of personal computers, which performs shape analyses using landmarks. It allows pairwise as well as multi-specimens comparisons. Several options are available, including the classical LSTRA and RFTRA techniques. PROCRUSTES includes:

1- Two versions of the application Procrustes 2.0.  You must use

the correct version for your computer.

   - Procrustes 2.0.s - This version will run on Macintosh

   computers with a 68000 processor or higher, without

   coprocessor.  The recommended memory allocation is of 450-500K.

   - Procrustes 2.0.c - This version will run on Macintosh

   computers with a 68020 to 68040 processor; it requires the

   68881 or 68882 coprocessor.  The recommended memory allocation

   is of 650-700K.

   Caution:  If you use a Macintosh Quadra, it is necessary to

   switch off the 32 bits address in the control panel before to

   run Procrustes 2.0.

2- ResProcrustes - A resource file that must stay in the same

folder as the program.

3- HelpProcrustes - A general documentation that can be read and

printed from the program.

4- DataFile - A set of data that can be used as an example to run

Procrustes 2.0.

Procrustes 2.0 has a standard Macintosh interface that includes pulldown menus, command windows, buttons, etc. The path through Procrustes 2.0 is indicated by the successive activation of menus or guided by big arrows located in windows edges. At the main steps of the program, the user has access to an on-line help. Procrustes 2.0 is System 7 friendly except that it does not support the Multifinder function.

The PROCRUSTES programs are self-extracting Compact pro archives. Procrustes hqx has been "BinHexed", and Procrustes bin has been compacted using the "Macbinary II" option. To download these documents you must have Stuffit-Expander for the hqx version, and MacCompress for the bin version of Procrustes. You can also use any Mac FTP program (e.g., Fetch). If neither of these methods work, contact

This package is distributed as a shareware and we encourage you to copy it. In case of regular use, you can send us 50 US $ to become a registered user. In case of scientific use for publication, Procrustes should be cited in your "References" in the format proposed in the general Help document.

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