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If you wish to be added, then please fill-out this on-line form or else contact F. James Rohlf ( ). The only "qualification" required is that you are interested in this field. Note: the e-mail addresses are given in a "MailTo" link rather than as clear text in order to minimize their availability by SPAMers who collect e-mail addresses automatically from webpages. To get an e-mail address you can click on a link to get an e-mail form.
Name Institution e-mail* Interests WWW
Macadam, Craig Bradan Aquasurveys Ltd. insect identification using morphometrics link
Macesic, Laura J . . .
Macholan, Milos Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, ASCR, Veveri 97, CZ-60200 Brno, Czech Republic Evolutionary genetics and systematics of small mammals evolution of Mus, hybridization and speciation in house mice .
Machado, Fabio de Andrade Laboratorio de Herpetologia, Museu de Zoologia da USP, Av. Nazare, 481, Ipiranga, São Paulo, SP, 04263-000, Brazil Snake classification, ecomorphology and general extant and fossil vertebrate morphometrics .
MacLeod, Norman Department of Palaeontology, The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London, SW7 5BD Morphometrics of landmarks & outlines with applications to the studies of evolution, functional morphology, development, and (paleo)ecology. US link, UK link
Mahani, Marjan Khalili . Acarology .
Mahenge, Jairos Mnazi Bay Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park, P.O.BOX 845, MTWARA, TANZANIA. Geometric morphometrics of mangrove crabs, biodiversity conservation. .
Mahvash, Seifali No67-jalan dagang6/1-taman dagang-Ampang-68000 fish-biodiversity .
Manabe, Jiro 1778 Ala Moana Blvd. #3210, Honolulu, HI 96815 facial approximation, Histology, ariticulate surface morphology of joint. .
Mangin, J.-F. SHFJ, CEA, 91401 Orsay, France Cortical folding patterns, brain connectivity. link
Manimegalai, K. Associate professor,Department of Zoology,Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women,Coimbatore-641043,TamilNadu,India. Systematics,geometric morphometrics in mosquitoes(Diptera:Culicidae). .
Manjeni, Anisha no.529/13,srinivasa nagar,annamalai nagar 608 002. basics about morphometrics, morphometrics in orthodontics, craniofacial morphometrics, .
Manzoor, Dr Farkhanda 281-b-2,johar town lahore, Pakistan Research and further work on entomology. .
‡Marcus, Leslie F. Department of Invertebrates, American Museum of Natural History, CPW at 79th, New York, NY 10024, USA - - -
Marshall, Lindsay Miss Lindsay Marshall, PhD Candidate, University of Tasmania / CSIRO Marine Research, GPO Box 1538, Hobart TAS 7001 Species discrimination of sharks in Northern Australia based on fin morphology. Characterisation of ecomorphotypes of link
Marshall, Wallace GH-N372F Dept. Biochemistry Box 2200, University of California San Francisco, 600 16th St., San Francisco, CA 94143 Cell geometry and the morphology of subcellular organelles, with particular focus on mechanisms determining organelle size, copy number, and position. link
Martínez, Iván Felipe Benavides Calle 3 # 22 E 07, Barrio Capusigra, Pasto (Nariño) Colombia Using Elliptic Fourier Descriptors of Leaf shape to understand phylogeographic relations of isolated populations of plants in the high Andean Tropics. .
Martinez, Juan Jose Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba., Velez Sarsfield 299. Evolution of sigmodontinae rodents, morphometrics .
Martínez-Carrillo, Ana Universidad de Jaén-Centro Andaluz de Arqueología Ibérica.Paraje Las Lagunillas s/n Edif,B-1 23071-Jaén Spatial Databases. Geometric morphometrics applied to archaeological artifacts. .
Marugán-Lobón, Jesús Dpto. Biología, Unidad de Paleontología, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 28009 Cantoblanco (Madrid), Spain Archosaur skull morphology and evolution, development, and ascribed theoretical aspects regarding also integration/complexity and modularity. Form and Function, dichotomy? .
Masagca, Jimmy T. Graduate School of Education, Arts and Sciences, De La Salle University-Dasmariñas, Cavite 4115, Philippines morphometry of fishes, cytogenetics of fishes (gobies) concept mapping in biology. .
Mauch Lenardic, Jadranka Institute for Quaternary paleontology and geology Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ante Kovacica 5/II, HR - 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia Morphometric analyses of fossil, mostly Late Pleistocene arvicolids, as well as Pleistocene proboscids. link
Mayo, Simon Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AE, U.K. leaf morphometrics, outlines, venation patterns, sliding landmarks, fourier methods, Araceae .
McIntyre, Grant Orthodontic Department, Dundee Dental Hospital & School, 2 Park Place, Dundee DD1 4HR, UK Applications of traditional and geometric morphometrics in craniofacial imaging. .
McNulty, Kieran P. Department of Anthropology, University of Minnesota, 395 HHH Center, 301 19th Ave S., Minneapolis MN 55455, USA Hominoid evolution, primate craniofacial morphology, evolutionary theory and methods, human evolution, paleontology. .
Medina, Anibal 14, Saint Laurent Est, Rimouski, Québec, Canada G5L 2C4 Marine populations structures and ecology. Fisheries and oceanography. .
Mehraban, Hamidreza . Geometric morphometrics of vertebrates (Rodents, Fish, Shrews). .
Meluk , Hugo Mantilla 2619, 19th Street. Apartment 16, Lubbock Texas 79410 Phylogeography of the common vampire bat "Desmodus rotundus", a species that exhibits one of the widest distributions in the Neotropics, ranging from Mexico to Argentina. I am combining Molecular, morphological, and geographic information in order to model the pattern of divergence among populations of Desmodus in its range of distribution. The molecular part of my research includes (CytB analysis), the morphological part (landmark analysis), and th gepographic model is based on (ArcGIS-Spatial analyst). .
Mendoza, Rebeca Rodriguez Institute of Marine Research(IIM-CSIC), Eduardo Cabello 6, 36208, Vigo, Spain Morphometric discrimination of fish stocks .
Menéndez, Lumila Paula Departamento Científico de Antropología, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo, Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Paseo del Bosque S/N (1900) La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires, República Argentina. Morphological diversification of prehistoric human populations from southern South America. Geometric morphometrics. Ecological Factors. Rapid evolution or contemporary microevolution. link
Menes, Marianela Laboratorio de Entomología Aplicada y Parasitología, Escuela de Biología, Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala Inter and intra specific variation in mosquitoes and Triatominae link
Michel, Ellinor Dept. of Biology/Zoological Museum fax: +31 20 525 5402, University of Amsterdam, P.O. Box 94766, 1090 GT Amsterdam, The Netherlands Molluscan evolution, especially speciation of gastropods in ancient lakes, linking morphological and genetic evolution. link
Mietchen, Daniel Center for Neuroimaging, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Jahnstr. 3, 07743 Jena, Germany MR-based brain morphometry across pathologies and species link
Milena, Polifrone Pio Baroja 71, Playa del Hombre, Telde, 35212 Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain Morphometrics of marine macroalgae .
Miles, Donald Department of Biological Sciences, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701 Morphological diversification of squamate reptiles .
Miller, Ted Biology Department Memorial University of Newfoundland St. John's NF A1B 3X9 CANADA Growth, sexual dimorphism, character variation, pinnipeds, shorebirds, woodpeckers .
Milne, Nicholas Department of Anatomy and Human Biology, University of Western Australia, Nedlands 6907 Australia Structure/function correlates in mammalian bones .
Minaka, Nobuhiro Laboratory of Statistics, Division of Information Analysis, National Institute of Agro-Environmental Sciences, Kannon-dai 3-1-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8604, Japan Phylogenetic theory, morphometrics in relation to phylogeny reconstruction link
Minaei, Kambiz Plant Protection Department, College of Agriculture, Tehran University, Karaj, Iran Use of Morphometric in Taxonomy, Identification of Thysanoptera, Morphotaxonomic and Molecular taxonomy of Thysanoptera. .
Minos, George Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Techologies, GREECE Morphological pattern during the growth of mugilidae family .
Minton, Russ Department of Biology, University of Louisiana at Monroe, 700 University Avenue, Monroe, LA 71209-0520 USA Phenotypic plasticity and geometric morphometrics of freshwater mollusks. .
Mirza, Zahid Sharif Fisheries Research & Training Institute,, PO Batapur, Lahore, Pakistan fish morphology, fish stock analysis .
Moitinho, Vera Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Dept. de Prehistoria, Facultat de Lletres, 08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona), Spain Morphometrics in archaeological shape and form analysis .
Molen, Silvina Van der Centro Nacional Patagónico , CENPAT - CONICET, Bvd. Brown 2825, U9120ACV Puerto Madryn , Chubut - Argentina, Phone: +54 2965 451024 (, Fax: +54 2965 451543 Fish and bivalves population biology,reproduction,phylogeography. .
Moore-Jansen, Peer H. Department of Anthropology, Wichita State University, 114 Neff Hall, Wichita, KS 67260-0052 Morphometric variation of the human skeleton in time and space. .
Monteiro, Leandro R. Laboratorio de Ciencias Ambientais, UENF, Av. Alberto Lamego 2000, Campos dos Goytacazes, RJ, Brasil, cep 28013-600 The basic questions I am concerned with are: the use of complex phenotypes for the delimitation of biological units, the causal factors that influence shape variation, adaptation and convergence, integration of components, causes of integration and the importance of integrative patterns for species diversification. link
Moraes, Diego Astua de Laboratorio de Mastozoologia Morphologic evolution and systematics of mammals .
Moreno, Carlos Julian . Morphometric geometry analysis of the forward and hind tibiae of dung beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) and related them with functional ecology and environmental variables. link
Mousseau, Tim Dept. of Biological Sciences, Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208, USA Evolution and the genetic basis of adaptive variation link
Mozaffarian, Fariba Insect Taxonomy Research Department, Plant Pests and Diseases Research Institute, Tehran, 19395, P.O.Box,1454, Iran study population variation and phylogeny in insect populations using land mark based geometric morphometric and molecular methods. link
Mumladze, Levan Cholokashvili ave. 2, Tbilisi, Georgia Systematics and evolutionary study of Helicoid snails using 2D and 3D Geometric-morphometric methods. .
Murthy, Jyotsna Prof. Plastic Surgery, Sri Ramachandra Univeristy, Chennai, India 600 116 Craniofacial skeleton and growth link
Mutanen, Marko Zoological Museum, P.O.Box 3000, FIN-90014 University of Oulu, Finland Evolution of insect, particularly moth genitalia; applications of traditional and geometric morphometrics in insect taxonomy and systematics. .
Mutsvangwa, Tinashe MRC/UCT Medical Imaging Research Unit, Department of Human Biology, University of Cape Town, Private Bag X3, Observatory 7935, South Africa Facial shape analysis; stereo-photogrammetry .
Nacua, Sherwin S. Lot 28, Blk 30, Bel-Air, Buruun, Iligan City, Philippines morphometrics of crabs,especially of landcrabs .
Najafpour, Nasser P.O.Box: 15875 - 3575 Tehran - IRAN e-mail Ichthyology - Freshwater fishes stock assessment. .
Nanova, Olga Zoological Muzeum MSU M.V. Lomonosov, Moscow, Bolshaja Nikitskaja, 6 Morphology variability, morphometrics, Canidae .
Neha, Dr Bhutiani . orthodontics. .
Neumaier, Arnold Lehrstuhl fuer Computer-orientierte Mathematik, Institut fuer Mathematik, Universitaet Wien, Strudlhofgasse 4, A-1090 Wien, Austria Numerical analysis, optimization, computational statistics link
Ngema, Palesa Entomology Section, Private Bag X 5, Onderstepoort, Pretoria, 0110, South Africa Knowing more about "population genetics of tsetse flies using morphometric analysis" link
Nievergelt, Fränzi Biology Department Zoological Museum, University of Zurich-Irchel, CH - 8057 Zurich, Switzerland Morphological adaptations in birds to climbing in needles of conifers .
Nolte, Arne Sektion Ichtyologie, Museum Koenig, Adenauer Allee 160, 53113 Bonn, Germany Systematics, taxonomy and evolutionary ecology of sculpins (Cottidae) .
Ogidan, Ilelabayo . Fish Biodiversity. .
O'Higgins, Paul Hull York Medical School & Department of Biology, The University of York, Heslington, York YO10 5DD, UK The functional, evolutionary and developmental bases of morphological variation in primates and other mammals. The aim is to explain how different skeletal morphologies arise during evolution in terms of developmental processes and functional adaptations. link
Oladipo, Gabriel Department of Human Anatomy, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Port Harcourt, P.M.B 5323, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Craniofacial Anthropometric Analysis for Comparative Studies. link
Olayemi, Ayodeji Natural History Museum, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, HO 220005, Nigeria Taxonomy of Nigerian small-mammal populations using morphometrics and DNA sequencing. link
Oliveira, Isabella Bandeira de . . .
Olopade, James O. Dept of Vet. Anatomy University of Ibadan,Nigeria Morphometry of the head of West African Dwarf goats. .
Onar, Vedat University of Istanbul, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Anatomy, 34854, Avcilar, Istanbul
Skull measurements and morphometry of the dog. .
O'Neill, Rob Pratt Institute, Digital Arts Research Laboratory, 200 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205 Visualization, Software Development, 3D Geometric Morphometrics, Art Projects Based on Morphometric Data link
Onel, Arzu T. Ozal Mh., F. Kayahan Bulv., Oguzhan Ap 4/14, 44090 MALATYA squirrels, rabbits, hares, skulls, taxonomy, geometric&morphometrics .
Orr, Caley M. School of Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-2402 Morphometrics for use in functional morphology: three-dimensional modeling of joint surfaces, geometric morphometrics, computed tomography and laser scanning link
Ospina, Sandra Instituto de Biologa Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mxico morphological evolution of shape characters which are relevant in ecological tasks. I work in comparative methods and Phylogeny including multivariate shape characters derived from geometric Morphometric protocols. link
Otárola-Castillo, Erik Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Program, Department of Anthropology, 324 Curtiss Hall, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011-1050 Application of Geometric Morphometrics in analyses of faunal and lithic archaeological remains. Statistical methods in archaeology/anthropology. link
Ousley, Stephen Osteology Laboratory, Repatriation Office, Department of Anthropology, NMNH MRC 138, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC 20560, USA Interests: Discrimination and characterization of size/shape differences among humans, morphological integration, primate evolution, database programming. .
Oyebadejo, Amson Histology Unit,Dept of Anatomy,College of Medicine,University of Lagos,Nigeria Human Histomorphomery:Morphometrical analysis of Histological Images of various organs in the body. .
ozdemir, senem . statistical shape analysis, anthropometry, morphometry.... .
Palmer, A. Richard Dept. Biological Sciences, Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E9 & Bamfield Marine Station, Bamfield, BC V0R 1B0 CANADA Comparative and experimental studies of form, function and evolution in marine invertebrates link
Palmer, Miquel . Fish morphometry link
Pardoe, Colin 16 Hackett Gardens, Turner ACT 2612, Australia skeletal biology within an archaeological framework; gene flow; Australia, NW Europe, NE coast of the Indian Ocean. .
Pasha, Dr. Riaz Hussain Department of Veterinary Anatomy, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad(Pakistan) Morphometry of age induced histological changes in the heart, Kidnys and adrenal glands of Nili-Ravi Buffalo(Bubalus bubalis) .
Patrangenaru, Victor Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Georgia State University, University Plaza, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA Similarity, affine and projective shape as a tool in medical imaging and pattern recognition. .
Paul, Van Daele Ghent University, Evolutionary Morphology of Vertebrates, KL Ledeganckstraat 35, B-9000 Gent, Belgium Evolution in African mole-rats (Bathyergidae) - molecular phylogenetics - karyology - GMM's; Evolution of sociality in mammals link
Payró de la Cruz, Emeterio Regulo Torpey Andrade No. 20. Villa Macultepec, Centro Tabasco. México. CP. 86250. Morphometric analyses of Apis mellifera. .
Pavlinov, Igor Ya. Zoological Museum, Moscow M.V.Lomonosov State University, ul. B. Nikitskaya 6, 103009 Moscow, Russia Phylogenetics & taxonomy; mammal morphology .
Pazhayamadom, Deepak George Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Fisheries Resource Management Division, Seven Bunglows, Andheri (w), Versova, Mumbai - 61, India Multivariate morphometrics; landmark and outline methods; molecular methods for fish stock identification, fish stock .
Penin, Xavier Unité de recherches biomateriaux et interfaces, Faculte de Chirurgie Dentaire de l'Université Paris 5, FRANCE Anthopology and Dentofacial orthopedics link
Pere-miquel, Parés Rovira Roure, 191 (25798 Lleida) Catalunya (SPAIN) Domestic mammals. .
Perez, Ivan
Departamento Científico de Antropología, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo, Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Paseo del Bosque s/n.(1900) La Plata, Pcia. de Buenos Aires, República Argentina
Morphometric (traditional and geometric) analysis of the craniofacial variation among prehistoric human populations of southern South America. .
Perry, Jen Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, 25 Harbord St, University of Toronto, Toronto ON M5S 3G5 Divergence in sexual morphology, Coccinellid beetles, water striders, evolution of mating systems link
Peruzzi, Stefano Dr. Stefano Peruzzi, Associate Professor, Institute of Aquatic BioSciences, Norwegian College Fishery Science, University of Tromso, Breivika 9037 Tromso, Norway Fish morphometrics: evaluation of environmental and genetic factors on body shape link
Petrtyl, Miloslav Dept. of zoology and Fisheries, Czech University of Agriculutre in Prague Morphometric discrimination of freshwater fish stocks, breeds and lineages (Cyprinus carpio) link
Perugini, Diego Department of earth Sciences, University of Perugia, Piazza Università 1, 06100 Perugia, Italy Application of morphometrics to the study of magmatic enclaves to decipher magmatic interaction processes and lava domes emplacement using outline- and landmark-based methods and fractals. .
Petersson, Erik Dept. Animal Ecology, Evolutionary Biology Centre, Uppsala University, Norbyvägen 18D, SE-752 36 Uppsala, Sweden Use of morphometrics to study genetic and environmental effects of hatchey-rearing of salmonid fishes. .
Peter, Claes . Basic interest: computational and algorithmic improvements to enhance morphometrics. Applied interest: Forensic craniofacial reconstruction and recognition; Medical craniofacial disorders and dysmorphology assessment. .
Petersen, Hans Chr. Dept. of Statistics, University of Southern Denmark, J. B. Winsløws Vej 9B, DK-5000 Odense C, Denmark, Tel: +45 6550 3821. Fax: +45 6550 3345 Human Evolution link
Petrakis, Panos V. National Agricultural Research Foundation, Institute for Mediterranean Forest Ecosystem, Lab. of Entomology, Terma Alkmanos, 115 28 Ilissia, Athens, Greece Entomology evolution and systematics Plant secondary metabolites Insect plant coevolution and interactions. link
Pinela, Ana University of Barcelona, Faculty of Biology - Dpt. Animal Biology (vertebrates), Av. Diagonal 645,1st floor, 08028 Barcelona, Spain Implications of geometric morphometrics in marine mammal research .
Pinilla, beatriz universidad de biologia (ub), depart. biologia animal, secc. antropologia, avda. diagonal 645, 08028 barcelona paleoanthropology, human evolution, forensic anthopology, neanderthals, paleolithic, human adaptation, diet in the past, microwear .
Piras, Paolo Geological Sciences Department, Roma Tre University, Largo San Leonardo Murialdo, 1 , 00127 , Roma-Italy Geometric morphometrics of crocodylian skull. link
Pisharody, Sandhya Department of Computer Science, University of Hull,, Hull, UK HU6 7RX Shape analysis and prediction .
Pinto, Gabriel Silva Department of Zoology from Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi,Belem,Para, Brazil Morphology of lizard genus Mabuya  
Pittman, Kendra J. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Kansas, 1200 Sunnyside Avenue, Lawrence, KS 66044 Phenotypic and gentic variation in fishes, phylogeography, speciation .
Plant, Michael Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies, Department of Biological Anthropology, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3DZ, UK Neanderthal morphological variation; human evolution. .
Pokhrel, Lok Raj 807 University Parkway, Johnson City, TN, USA Developmental stability, geometric morphometrics, phenotypic plasticity, population dynamics, animal behavior, ecology and evolution of amphibians and reptiles link
Polifrone, Milena Pio Baroja, 71, Playa del Hombre, Telde, 35212 Las Palmas , Canary Islands, Spain Morphometrics of marine organisms .
Pollard, Robert Information Habitat: Where Information Lives 203 West 107th Street, 8A, New York, NY 10025 USA Information ecology; holistic processes; morphology and morphometrics of geometric morphometrics conceptual space; Gaia hypothesis; geometric morphometrics of the Mesopotamian Marshes and the Shatt al-Arab / Arvand Rud watershed; geometric morphometrics of information space. link
Polly, P. David Department of Geological Sciences, Indiana University, 1001 E. 10th Street, Bloomington, IN 47405-1405 USA Vertebrate palaeontology, mammalian evolution, evolution of quantitative traits. link
Porto, Arthur . Morphological evolution, Cranial integration , Mammalogy .
Poss, Stuart G. Senior Ichthyologist & Curator, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, P.O. Box 7000 Ocean Springs, MS 39566-7000, USA Multivariate analysis of cephalochordates and fishes and application of image analysis in taxonomy and systematics link
Potapova, Marina The Academy of Natural Sciences, 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA Diatom taxonomy and ecology; use of geometric morphometrics to quantify shape of diatoms. .
Power, James Coastal Ecology Branch, U.S. EPA, 2111 SE Marine Science Drive, Newport, OR 97365, USA Morphometric indicators of environmental stress .
Poza, Eva . Study of the endocranial structures and virtual endocast reconstruction in fossil hominids. .
Price, Leslie 53 Louise Rd., Greenville, MS 38701 USA Beekeeping,bee biology, melissopalynology,taxonomy,entomology,all other science related studies such as chemical ecology and mass spectrometry link
Qi, Zhao Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP), Chinese Academy of Sciences. No.142 Xi-Zhi-Men-Wai Street. Beijing, P.R.China . .
Quezada-Euán, Javier Campus Ciencias Biológicas y Agropecuarias, Departamento de Apicultura, Apartado postal 4-116 Itzimna, Merida Yucatan, Mexico Morphometric identification of native neotropical bees and Africanized bees link
Radjabi, Rouhollah . Odonata, Carabidae, Lepidoptera. .
Raja, M. Ph.D scholar, SPKCES, M.S university, Alwarkurichi-627412, TamilNadu, India am working in the field molecular taxonomy. so i want to differenciate the character. .
Rajpurohit, S. Population Genetics Laboratory, Lab. No. 19, Department of Biosciences, M D University, Rohtak-124 001 (Haryana), INDIA I am interested in morphometric analyses of various altitudinal populations of Drosophila species. I look for adaptive significance of various morphometric traits in insects like wing-loading etc. .
Ramin, Mahmoud P.O.Box: 14155- 6116 Tehran, Iran Ichthyology,biodiversity,Ecology of freshwater fishes. .
Randolph-Quinney, Patrick Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification,, College of Life Sciences,, University of Dundee,, Dundee, D1 5EH, UK. Forensic anthropological applications of shape analysis, craniofacial variation, developmental juvenile osteology. link
Raut, Rupesh N . Molecular phylogeny and morphometrics of Western Ghat bats. link
Reddy, David Paul Scientific Visualization and Informatics Manager, Interdepartmental Laboratories, American Museum of Natural History, CENTRAL PARK WEST AT 79TH ST, NEW YORK NY 10024 USA   link
Reig, Santiago Gregorio Maranon Hospital, Lab of Medical Imaging, Experimental Surgery and Medicine Unit, Dr. Esquerdo 46, 28007 Madrid, SPAIN Brain variability, volume, size and shape. link
Reis, Roberto E. Museu de Ciencias e Tecnologia - PUCRS, Av. Ipiranga, 6681, Caixa Postal 1429, 90619-900 Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil Study of ontogenetic allometry and estimation of phylogeny. Use of shape to discriminate species. link1 link2
Reyment, Richard A. Department of Palaeozoology, Natural History Museum, Stockholm 10405, Sweden Multivariate morphometrics in all its forms. link1 link2
Ricco, Rosalia Dipartimento Anatomia Patologica (DAP) - Facoltà di Medicina Università di Bari Shape and size morphometry in oncology and orthodontic diagnosis and treatment .
Reyes, Javier Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras -INVEMAR- AA 1010 Santa Marta, Colombia e-mail Scleractinian taxonomy, phylogenetics and environmental related shape-change. Morphometrics as tool for phylogeny .
Ritter, Sylvia Ritter, Sylvia Evolutionary Biology, Taxonomy, Zoology, Phylogeny .
Rivera, Gabriel Department of Biological Sciences, Clemson University, Clemson, SC 29634, USA Ecological and functional morphology in freshwater turtles .
Rodrigues, Luis Azevedo Museu Nacional de História Natural (Mineralogia e Geologia), Natural History Museum, Rua da Escola Politécnica, 58, P-1294 Lisboa codex, PORTUGAL Dinosaur locomotion link
Rodriguez, Janeth Cerro Punta Betin, Santa Marta, Colombia Morphometric discrimination of the fish stocks in The Caribbean. link
Rodriguez, Marco A. Departement de chimie-biologie, Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres, 3351, boulevard des Forges, Trois-Rivieres (Quebec), G9A 5H7 Canada Ecological applications of morphometrics, fish morphometrics .
Rodriguez-Mendoza, Rebeca Institute of Marine Research (IIM- CSIC), Eduardo Cabello 6, 36208 Vigo, Spain Morphometric discrimination of fish stocks .
Roessli, David C. Dept. of Anthopology & Ecology, University of Geneva, 12, Rue Gustave Revilliod, CH-1227 Geneva, Switzerland Morphometrics methods applied to the study of face perception and recognition. link
Rohlf, F. James Ecology & evolution dept., SUNY Stony Brook, NY 11794-5245, USA Applications of multivariate statistics and computing to problems in morphometrics. link
Roggero, Angela Dpt. Biologia Animale e dell'uomo - Via Accademia Albertina 13 - I-10123 Torino, Italy Coleoptera (coprofagous) and Lepidoptera Scythrididae. link
Romano, Pedro Museu Nacional, UFRJ - Depto de Geologia e Paleontologia. Quinta da Boa Vista, s/nº, São Cristóvão 20940-040, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. Systematic, biogeography, morphometry, side-necked turtles link
Rosas, Antonio Department of Paleobiology Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, C/ Jose Gutierrez Abascal 2, 28006 Madrid, Spain Human craniofacial evolution. Integration and dissociation of processes in morphological evolution. .
Rosdi, Daud Faculty of Mechanical,, University Teknologi Malaysia,, Johor, Malaysia Ankle Morphometry. .
Rose, Sallema C/o Dr. and Mrs G. Mtui, P.O.Box 32686, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Gastropod population differentiation in Mnazi Bay Ruvuma Estuary and compare with controls in Inhaca Island and Dar es .
Ross, Ann H. North Carolina State University Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology Human craniofacial variation of prehistoric and contemporary .
Roy, Denis Seestrasse 79, Kastanienbaum , CH-6047, Switzerland Quantitative evolutionary biology, mechanisms of speciation and adaptation. link
Rudan, Pavao Prof. of Anthropology and Director, Institute for Anthropological Research, Ilica 1/VII, P.O. Box 290, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia Anthropology. .
Ruddy, Mark Geography Dept., Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX, UK Researching the evolution of the water vole (Arvicola) using geometric morphometrics .
Ruedell, Alexandra Anthropologie, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Hebelstr. 29, 79104 Freiburg, Germany Morphometrics and Human craniofacial morphology, forensic anthropology, facial reconstruction link
Rufino, Marta ICM-CSIC, Pg. Maritim 37-49, 03008 Barcelona, Spain Geometric morphometrics applied to crustaceans. Ecology and Spatial stats. Marine Biology. .


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