Other sites relevant to morphometrics

Listed below are listservers and websites of general relevance to geometric morphometrics. Note: the "Directory of people interested in morphometrics" provides www addresses to individual research websites.

EVAN Society Provides information about the European Virtual Anthropology Network. Includes information about EVAN, links to publications, events, and other information.Link to site.
MorphoSphere It is in Spanish and it has been on-line for several years. Contains links to bibliography, courses, workshops, etc. Link to site.
NYCEP morphometrics group The NYCEP Morphometrics Group (NMG) is a loose association of researchers who share an interest in analyzing morphological evolution of primates using three-dimensional geometric morphometric methods. Link to NMG home page. Site contains directory of members, lists of publications (some can be downloaded), and links to software.

The on-line LISTSERV list MORPHMET at morphmet@morphometrics.org provides a forum for exchange of ideas, references, and queries about Morphometrics - the study of form, shape and size, in organisms. Appropriate contributions are: queries and statements about morphometric methods and philosophy, new references or queries about the literature, announcements for relevant meetings, and relevant job announcements or needs. Instructions are available here on how to subscribe. An archive of postings from 13 November 2004 is available here. An archive of postings on the previous wfubmc.edu server from 9 July 2002 to 10 November 2004 is available here. Note that there is usually a delay before messages are added to these archives. An archive of the old cuny morphmet list from March 1991 to December 2003 is also available.

MorphoClub An italian reference for those (students, colleagues) who begin facing shape analysis. A web site in which italian morphologists can receive and exchange information. Provides downloads, news, etc. with the hope that our local community will participate to improve this tool. For more information, visit the site at w3.uniroma1.it/morphoclub or contact .
Morphometrics forum A forum containing discussions about topics related to geometric morphometrics. It is intended for postings that may be of interest longer than what is usually posted to the morphmet listserver.
Morphology A server containing information on mathematical morphology and related topics.
Systematic Biology Website for the Society of Systematic Biologists. Link
Digital Taxonomy An Information Resource on Biodiversity Data Management. Link
Classification Society Website for the North American branch of the Classification Society. Concerned with mathematical and statistical methods for finding structure in multivariate data. Link.
St Andrews History site Using a computer to visualise change in biological organisms Link.
Mathematical models for Mollusk Shells Website describing the models developed by David Raup (1962, "Computer as aid in describing form in gastropod shells." Science 138:150-152). This site illustrates the models and provides a Java applet for generating images of shells using this model. Link.

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