GeoMorph: a morphometrics package in R for the collection and analysis of landmark-based geometric morphometric data. Links, user information, and tips are available at the Geomorph blogspot It is also available on the CRAN package website. Installing from Github requires installing from the stable branch, not Master. Try this:
devtools::install_github("geomorphR/geomorph", ref = "Stable")
Note the 'Stable' option at the end.

Geomorph provides routines for all stages of a geometric morphometric analysis. It allows one to read, manipulate, and digitize 2D and 3D landmark data, generate shape variables via Procrustes analysis for points, curves and surfaces, perform statistical analyses of shape variation and covariation, and provide graphical depictions of shapes and patterns of shape variation.

Most of geomorph's functions are designed for researchers interested in testing ecological and evolutionary hypotheses of shape variation and
covariation.   Methods are available to:

-read existing landmark data files into R (nts, tps, Morphologika format) -digitize 3D landmarks from surface images within R -estimate missing landmarks on specimens

-Superimpose specimens using GPA (for both landmarks and semilandmarks)

-Anova/regression designs
-integration/modularity analyses
-analysis of phenotypic trajectories
-assessment of phylogenetic signal for shape data

-scatterplots of shapes
-shape deformation plots
-plots of allometric trajectories
-plotting phylogenies in shape space

In the coming months we will add additional functions of interest to evolutionary biologists.

Dean Adams, Professor
Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology Department of Statistics Iowa State University Ames, Iowa 50011