Hardware relevant to morphometrics

In the past this would have contained descriptions of video camera hardware. These have largely been replaced by digital cameras and other devices. Note that the links on this page are mostly to commercial sites. There are also links to reference information relevant to data acquisition from 3D objects.

Tips on specimen photography Useful website from RHOI: PHOTOGRAPHY PROTOCOL.
GoMeasure3D Portable 3D laser surface scanners. Website: GoMeasure3D.
4DDynamics 3D Laser Scanners. Mephisto EX and Mephisto CX 3D scanners. EOSScan and PicoScan are based pm Canon DSLR campera.
NextEngine scanner NextEngine HD 3D scanner. A less expensive laser surface scan that also provides full-color photo data for every surface point.
OptiNum 3D scanner OptiNum 3D scanner.A hand-held self-positioning 3D scanner.
Breuckmann scanners 3D scanning products. Several devices are available that can be used to capture 3D surfaces.
Konica Minolta VIVID and other 3D scanners.
ZScanner 600 Link to the www page for the Z Corporation's scanners. "Affordable" laser surface scanners. Request information.
Reflex Link to the www page for the Reflex Microscope. Permits 3D digitization of landmarks in microscopic images. The scope is now (2001) £27,500 (about $41K), which comes with the scope, software, computer, and case (you can upgrade the computer if desired).

Contact information: Clive Rowland, Reflex Measurement Ltd, Harvester Yard, Ditcheat, Somerset BA4 6QZ, U.K.
Phone +44 [0]1749 860267, Fax +44 [0]1749 860042, email: greenways@ukonline.co.uk, web: http://www.reflexmeasurement.co.uk.

3D laser scanners Links to various 3D scanner manufacturers, discussion forums, and information about 3D graphics is available at the website http://www.3dlinks.com. Also interesting are www.arius3d.com. Another site with Cyberware hardware and software is www.Cyberware.com. They have a "low cost" desktop laser scanner. Minolta has several products with information at www.minoltausa.com/vivid/products/main-en.asp.
RSI 3D hardware & software Links to RSI website giving information about several hardware systems. RSI
Microscribe Trace over the contours of a physical object and build complex 3D data sets in a matter of minutes. Microscribe website
Polhemus Description and specifications for these 3D devices. Manufacture's website
Polhemus notes Polhemus protocol. Notes by Leslie Marcus and Santiago Reig on the use of the Polhemus digitizer. Notes.
MRI text Links to a textbook on MRI by Joseph P. Hornak. Includes an overview as well as technical details on the mathematics involved. online book
2D to 3D Thesis by Arne Henrichsen on "3D Reconstruction and Camera Calibration from 2D Images". Useful source of information on 3D image and camera geometry needed to develop software to construct 3D coordinates. Thesis as a PDF file. Note also the paper: Fadda, C., F. Faggiani and M. Corti. 1997. A portable device for three dimensional landmark collection of skeletal elements of small mammals. Mammalia 61(4):622-627.

F. James Rohlf.
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