Window shell for Elliptic Fourier
                              by Mike Isaev
                  Institute of Math Problems of Biology
                        Pushchino, Moscow Region
                             142292, Russia

                 Calculations by F.J.Rohlf and S.Ferson
                     f.james.rohlf at stonybrook.edu

                         BRIEF INSTALLATION GUIDE

There is no any installation procedure for EFAWin.EXE.
Place it's icon into the group you like.

One thing you should know is that the program tries to load
default.dta file when it starts. Place your favourite file
under the name default.dta to the directory specified when
you've created the icon. Directory can also be specified
via "Properties" menu item of your Windows shell.

See FILELIST file for the contents of the directory.
See also README.USR and README.SRC files.

VIBRANT directory contains Vibrant version of May 94 compiled
via Borland C++ 3.1. See README.VIB how to obtain last and full

You can also fill the "register.me" file in this directory and
e-mail it to isaev@impb.serpukhov.su. I will send you updates
and information on future versions / other programs.

This program is described in:
  Isaev MA, Denisova LN, "The computer programs for shape analysis of
plant leaves", Proceedings of the "Mathematics. Computer. Education"
International conference, Pushchino, 1995.
Please, cite the authors in any work based on this material.

Mike Isaev   3-Jan-95 17:42:04