Morphometric datasets

The purpose of this directory is to make available standard datasets useful for testing morphometric methods. Contributions of additional datasets are welcome.

Morpho Source MorphoSource is a project-based data archive that allows researchers to store and organize, share, and distribute their own 3d data. Furthermore any registered user can immediately search for and download 3d morphological data sets that have been made accessible through the consent of data authors. File formats include tiff, dicom, stanford ply, and stl.
Human coord. data Human coordinate data on ~800 individuals. Data from Ann Ross.
Radiographic database Human Radiographic database on ~800 individuals. Data from Ann Ross.
Mole data

A ZIP file with the data from Rohlf, Loy, and Corti (1996) published in Systematic Zoology 45(3): 344-362. An example of a 2-way MANOVA or a CVA.

Digital Morphology Museum

A website where one can view and download CT and MRI scans of non-human primates and mammals.

Virtual Zooarchaeology of the Artic Project Virtual, interactive, osteological reference collection for the study of northern vertebrates. An archive which allows students and researchers to examine the complete skeletal anatomies of multiple bird, mammal, and fish species in both 2D and 3D.

Water strider dataset from Klingenberg and Spence. 13K ZIP file.

University School data The University School subsample form pp. 400-405 of Bookstein (1991) "Morphometric tools for landmark data", Cambridge. Coordinates of 8 craniofacial landmarks for 36 boys and 26 girls.
Apert data The Apert syndrome data from pp. 405-406 of Bookstein (1991) "Morphometric tools for landmark data", Cambridge. Data for 14 cases and age and sex matched controls.
Globorotalia data Globorotalia data from p. 406 of Bookstein (1991) "Morphometric tools for landmark data", Cambridge.
Brizalina data The Brizalina data from pp. 407-408 of Bookstein (1991) "Morphometric tools for landmark data", Cambridge. There are 6 landmarks for 50 specimens
Rat calvarial data The Vilmann rat data from pp. 408-414 of Bookstein (1991) "Morphometric tools for landmark data", Cambridge. There are 8 landmarks for 150 individuals from 7 to 150 days old.
SCHIZO Bookstein's schizophrenia data set of 13 landmarks for 28 parasagittal brain images: 14 "normals" and 14 schizophrenics.
FOWLFEM Chicken bone data from Dunn (1928). Includes corrections made by Les Marcus. Also available as a txt file
Lynch (1996) (ZIP file) Craniofacial data from 232 modern Homo sapiens specimens used in Wood & Lynch (1996) "Sexual dimorphism in the craniofacial skeleton in modern humans" NATO ASI Proceedings, and Lynch, Wood & Luboga (in press) "Geometric morphometrics in primatology: craniofacial variation in Homo sapiens and Pan troglodytes." Folia Primatologica.
Painted turtles data Three morphological measurements for male and female painted turtles from Jolicoeur and Mosimann (1960).
Aedes data Numerical taxonomy data set from Rohlf (1962) thesis.
Mosquito wing outlines Wing outlines from Rohlf and Archie (1984).
Mosquito pupae data Numerical taxonomy data from Rohlf (1967).
Mosquito wing landmaks Mosquito wing landmarks from Rohlf and Slice (1990)..
Hoplitis data Numerical taxonomy data from Michener and Sokal (1957) and Sokal and Michener (1958).
FA data Various well-known data sets used in factor analysis. Not all are "morphometric".

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