Multivariate Statistical Primer for Geologists

The file [PRIMERZ.EXE]: is a self-expanding DOS file containing a compilation of multivariate methods applied specifically to geological problems. The methods are, however, quite general and should be of interest to the morphometrics clan. I am making the "primer compilation" available on an own risk status in the hope that the material may prove useful to beginners in the field of multivariate statistical analysis.

The file primer.doc contains a description of the programs, a discussion of the examples, and a simple introduction to each of them with emphasis placed on pitfalls and fallacies. This documentation is written in WordPerfect 5.1 to which word-processing program (or higher) you will need access if the text is going to make sense. The document is written as a wander-through presentation with implicit instructions for activating the programs.

To extract the files, just type primerz at the DOS prompt.

You will need DOS 6.2 at least to be able to do all the things available and a machine with a math-chip. The programs were written in FORTRAN 77 and C++ (Microsoft versions) and compiled on a 486 machine.

PRIMER is not a polished product like NTSYS-pc and the graphical output is crude, though effective. The material derives from my own research activities and the programs have not been constructed with a user-market in mind.

I am interested in learning how PRIMER works for you. My mailing address is

         Toejnavaegen 22B
         S 19144 Sollentuna
Richard Reyment, e-mail: Richard.Reyment@PAL.UU.SE, 12/23/94

Note: This file has been converted to a Windows self-extracting ZIP file and a MS Word version of the primer has been added to the file.
Last modified March 24, 2005 by F. James Rohlf.