References provided by Sandra Shumway, Southampton College, Long Island University

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There is a series of books that contain papers presented at international conferences on toxic and harmful microalgae. They are excellent references and include:

LoCicero, V.R. (ed) Proceedings of the First International Conference on Toxic Dinoflagellate Blooms. Massachusetts Science and Technology Foundation, Wakefield, Massachusetts. 1975.

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Lassus, P., G. Arzul, E. E-Le Denn, P. Gentien, C. Marcaillou-LeBaut (eds) Harmful Marine Algal Blooms. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Toxic Marine Phytoplankton. Lavoisier: Paris. 1995.

Cosper, E.M., V.M. Bricelj, and E.J. Carpenter (eds) Novel Phytoplankton Blooms: Causes and Impactas of Recurrent Brown Tides and other Unusual Blooms. Springer-Verlag: NY. 1989.

Okaichi, T., D.M. Anderson, and T. Nemoto (eds). Red Tides: Biology, Environmental Science and Toxicology. Elsevier: NY 1989.

Specific review papers dealing with the impact s of harmful algae on shellfish include:

Gainey, L.F. and S.E. Shumway. 1988. A compendium of the respoonses of bivalve molluscs to toxic dinoflagellates. J. Shellfish Researach 7: 6223-628.

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Shumway, S.E. 1995. Phycotoxin-related shellfish posoning: bivalve molluscs are not the only vectors. Reviews in Fisheries Science 3(1): 1-31.

van Egmond, H., T. Aune, P. Lassus, G.J.A. Speijers, and M. Waldock. 1993. Paralytic and diarrhoeic shellfish poisons: occurrence in Europe, toxicity, analysis and regulation. Journal of natural Toxins 2: 41-

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