The Marine Biology Track is a course of study within the Biology major that will allow you to focus on studies in marine biology that can lead to a career in marine science, marine biology research, working in the field of marine conservation, or working in the fields of marine resource management and consulting. After taking the introductory life sciences curriculum, you will have the opportunity to focus on an advanced curriculum with a variety of options and courses in marine biology. A large number of faculty on the Stony Brook campus do research in marine biology, giving the student many opportunities for undergraduate research and career advice from active individuals in the field. The Marine Biology Track is in transition, because a major in Marine Science, with a focus in marine biology, has been established. If you have not declared a biology major, you should consider being a biology major or perhaps becoming a marine science major. There are advantages to each, with regard to further graduate training.


Marine Biology Track

Introductory Curriculum

Bio 150 - Introduction to Life Sciences 3cr

Bio 201 - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 4 cr

Bio 202 - Molecular and Cell Biology 4 cr

Bio 203 - Physiology and Functional Biology 4 cr

Chemistry requirement - same as biology major

Physics requirement - same as biology major

Math requirement - same as environmental biology track

Mar 104 - Oceanography 3cr


Advanced Courses (19-21 cr)


Courses Specific to Track (3 lect, 1 lab, 11-13 cr)

Bio 353 - Marine Ecology 3 cr


Required: one of the following field courses

Mar 305 - Experimental Marine Biology 3 cr

Mar 371 - Introduction to Tropical Marine Ecology 3 cr

Mar 303 - Long Island Marine Habitats 4 cr


Required: one of the following courses on organismal diversity

Bio 343 - Invertebrate Zoology 4 cr

Bio 344 - Chordate Zoology 4 cr

Bio 346 - Aquatic Arthropods and Vertebrates 4 cr


Required: one of the following advanced marine biology courses

Mar 302 - Marine Microbiology and Microbial Ecology 3 cr

Mar 335 - Primary Productivity in the Sea 3 cr

Mar 366 - Marine Plankton 3 cr


Breadth Requirements (8-9 cr)

Two advanced biology lecture courses outside of track (6 cr)

One advanced biology laboratory course outside of track (2-3 cr)


Honors Research (3-6 cr)

Some combination of the following:

Bio 489 (res in Ecol. & Evol.), Mar 487 (research in Mar. Sci.)

Honors Research Thesis




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