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College Programs in Marine biology


Below are a number of colleges and universities that have programs designed to train college students in marine biology. Keep in mind, however, that you may profit equally and, maybe even more in some cases, by finding an excellent college that has no particular specialization in marine biology. If you get a sound biology education and complement it with summer marine station courses and perhaps an internship, you will prepare yourself well for a career in marine biology. Remember, it is often better to get a basic science and humanities education than to specialize early. Learning to think broadly may, in the end, help you to see relationships that a specialized education may never afford. Despite these caveats, there are good programs around that do both. I cannot broadly endorse or recommend against any of the ones below, but if you have specific questions, I may be able to answer them.


In the USA

Barry University, Miami, Florida, Marine Biology Concentration in Biology Major

Boston University Marine Program

California State, Long Beach: Marine Biology Major

University of California, Los Angeles: Marine Biology Major

University of California, Santa Barbara: Ecology, Evolution, Marine Biology

University of California, Santa Cruz: Ocean Sciences Major

Coastal Carolina University (South Carolina), Marine Sciences Program

College of Charleston, South Carolina: Marine Biology Major

Cornell University - Marine Biology concentration

University of Connecticut, Avery Point: Coastal Studies Program

Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia: Honors and Advanced Major in Marine Biology

University of Delaware, Marine Studies

University of Dublin, Trinity College: program for "Junior year Abroad" undergraduates

Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida: Marine Science Major

Fairleigh Dickinson University: Marine Biology Major

Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida: Marine Biology Program

University of West Florida: Marine Biology Major

University of Hawaii, Manoa: Marine Biology Major

Hawai`i Pacific University

Humboldt State University, California: various marine programs

Humboldt State University,California: Fisheries

University of Hawai'i at Hilo: Marine Science Major

Hood College: Coastal Studies National Honors Semester

Lawrence University: Marine Term Program

University of Maine: Marine Science and Aquaculture Majors

University of Maine at Machias: Marine Program

University of Miami: Marine and Atmospheric Science Program

University of Southern Mississippi

Northwest Missouri University Marine Biology

University of New England, Biddeford, Maine: Marine Biology Program

University of New Hampshire, Marine and Freshwater Biology program

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Marine Science Minor

University of North Carolina, Wilmington, Marine Biology Program

Northeastern University Marine Sciences

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

University of Puerto Rico

College of the Redwoods:Marine Science Technology Program

University of Rhode Island, Kingston: Marine Biology Program

Roger Williams University, Bristol, Rhode Island: Marine Biology Program

San Francisco State Graduate Program

Savannah State Marine Sciences - B.S., M.S.

Sea Education Association, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Seattle Pacific University: Marine Biology Emphasis within Biology Major

University of Southern Mississippi, Dept. of Marine Sciences

University of South Carolina, Marine Sciences Programs

South Carolina: Medical University, Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences

University of South Carolina: Marine Science Program

Stony Brook University: Marine Science Major and other programs

Stony Brook University: Marine Biology Faculty, Courses

University of Tampa

Texas A&M Marine Program

University of the Virgin Islands, Marine Biology Major

University of Washington: Marine Biology

University of Washington: School of Aquatic and Fishery

Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program



University of Cape Town, South Africa

James Cook University, Townesville, Australia: Marine Biology Major, other programs

University of Groningen, Netherlands, Marine Biology Department

Macquarie University, Australia, Bachelor of Marine Science

Murdoch University, Australia: Marine Science Program

University of Tasmania, Australia: Aquaculture Degree Program

Queen's University , Belfast, N. Ireland: BSC Honours in Marine Biology

University of Queensland, Australia, Bachelor of Marine Studies

Scarborough Centre for Coastal Studies, University of Hull, U. K.

University of East Anglia, U.K.: Environmental Science, including Marine Biology