Educational Technology Examples

Spanning the Virtual World for Educational Media

Below are several examples done at other Web sites to enhance education with technology. This is only the beginning, as the Web evolves and the software improves there will be an increased amount of user interactivity as opposed to just viewing information.

Classroom and Lecture Hall Examples
Virtual Laboratory-Virtual Fly Lab
Courseware- The Virtual Heart
Laboratory Examples
Examination and Quiz Examples
Human Embryo Development
Virtual Frog Disection
Large Molecules Hypertextbook

Inlined Video and Animation on a Web Page

Presented below are several examples of animations and video clips which can be presented within the context of a web page. Video clips can be easily digitized and converted to Quicktime and AVI movies. These formats can then be used by Netscape and other web browsers. You will need a Quicktime viewer on your PC or Mac in order to view these examples.

  • Heart Talk
  • Thermometer Flic
  • Kidney Function Flic