Software by F. James Rohlf

Freely distributed software:

Morphometric software distributed via the Stony Brook Morphometrics www site.Compatible with Windows XP to 10 and Windows emulators on Macs and Lynix.

tpsBias: Explore bias and error in estimating average shape.
tpsDig: Digitize coordinates of landmarks and capture outlines.
tpsPLS: Study covariation between a shape and a set of variables or between two shapes.
tpsPower: Estimates statistical power for testing difference between two mean shapes..
tpsRelw: Relative warps analysis.
tpsRegr: Multivariate regression of shape onto one or more independent variables.
tpsSmall: Test whether shape variation is small enough so that tangent space approximations can be used (almost always true)..
tpsSplin: Computes thin-plate splines.
tpsSuper: GLS superimposition, image unwarping and image averaging.
tpsSurfPlot: Utility to show results of tpsPower and tpsBias as surface plots (but just for triangles).
tpsTree: Fit shapes to a hierarchical tree.
tpsTri: Explore statistics of shape for triangles.
tpsUtil: Utility program useful when working with tps files..

Commercially available software:

BIOMstat ver 4.0. For Windows XP to 10.
A basic statistical package designed to be used with the fourth edition of the text Biometry by Sokal and Rohlf.  Available from Exeter Software
NTSYSpc ver. 2.2. For Windows XP to 10.
Multivariate data analysis package of programs available from Exeter Software.
BIOMlab ver. 1.0. For DOS.
A program to demonstrate statistical principles throught the use of sampling experiments. Available from Exeter Software.

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