Bridging the Gap Between Developmental Genetics and Paleontology


Edited by Michael A. Bell and Susan A. Foster
Oxford University Press

A. Entire Book.
B. Front Material (including Preface, Table of Contents, Contributors), p.i-xii.
C. Chapter 1. Michael A. Bell and Susan A. Foster. Introduction to the evolutionary biology of the threespine stickleback, p.1-27.
D. Chapter 2. Patricia S. Bowne. Systematics and morphology of the Gasterosteiformes, p.28-60.
E. Chapter 3. Donald G. Buth and Thomas R. Haglund. Allozyme variation in the Gasterosteus aculeatus complex, p.61-96.
F. Chapter 4. Helga E. Guderley. Physiological ecology and evolution of the threespine stickleback, p.85-113.
G. Chapter 5. R. J. Wootton. Energy allocation in the threespine stickleback. p.114-143.
H. Chapter 6. John A. Baker. Life history variation in female threespine stickleback, p.144-187.
I. Chapter 7. Frederick G. Whoriskey and Gerard J. FitzGerald. Ecology of threespine stickleback on the breeding grounds, p.188-206.
J. Chapter 8. Paul J. B. Hart and Andrew B. Gill. Evolution of foraging behavior in the threespine stickleback, p.207-239.
K. Chapter 9. Thomas E. Reimchen. Predators and morphological evolution in threespine stickleback, p.240-276.
L. Chapter 10. F. A. Huntingford, P. J. Wright, and J. F. Tierney. Adaptive variation in antipredator behavior in threespine stickleback, p.277-296.
M. Chapter 11. William J. Rowland. Proximate determinants of stickleback behavior: an evolutionary perspective, p.297-344.
N. Chapter 12. Theo C. M. Bakker. Evolution of aggressive behavior in the threespine stickleback, p.345-380.
O. Chapter 13. Susan A. Foster. Evolution of reproductive behavior of threespine stickleback, p.381-398.
P. Chapter 14. J. D. McPhail. Speciation and the evolution of reproductive isolation in the sticklebacks (Gasterosteus) of south-western British Columbia, p.399-437.
Q. Chapter 15. Michael A. Bell. Paleobiology and evolution of threespine stickleback, p.438-471.
R. Chapter 16. Susan A. Foster and Michael A. Bell. Evolutionary inference: the value of viewing evolution through stickleback-tinted glasses, p.472-486.
S. References, p.487-555.
T. Author and Subject Indices, p.557-571.

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