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The Department of Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook was founded in 1969 and was one of the first departments of its kind in the world. The department and graduate program has an international reputation in the fields of evolutionary biology and ecology...
Provost's Lecture Series, Darwin Day 2016
02/12/2016: David Jablonski, Mass Extinctions and Evolution: What We’ve Learned Since Darwin, Details

Colloquium Calendar for Fall semester 2015
01/27/2016 Nicole Miller-Struttmann, When attention deficigt pays: Bumble bee foraging breadth expansion as flower abundances decline in a warming world

02/03/2016 Nolwenn Dheilly, Looking beyond the Red Queen: role of microorganisms in host parasite interactions

02/10/2016 Tamara Mendelson, In What Ways does Sexual Selection Contribute to Speciation?

02/17/2016 Jenn Brisson, Aphid wing dimorphisms: comparing environmental and genetic control mechanisms

02/24/2016 Thomas Sharpton, What lies inside: investigations into the ecology, evolution, and function of the gut microbiome

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Michael Bell, David Conover, Michael Frohman, and Ellen Pikitch – have been elected Fellows of the AAAS for their work toward the advancement of science and/or its applications..
Three Summer Research High School Students working with Professor Dianna Padilla Named Siemens Semifinalists.
OPINION INTERVIEW, "Cocaine is bad for Colombia's forests but big farming is worse" by Liliana Davalos, 5th August, 2015 posted on New Scientist.
Our new recruit Alex Borowicz of Lynch lab was awarded a fellowship from the Institute for Advanced Computational Sciences.
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