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The Department of Ecology and Evolution at Stony Brook was founded in 1969 and was one of the first departments of its kind in the world. The department and graduate program has an international reputation in the fields of evolutionary biology and ecology...
Colloquium Calendar for Fall semester 2015

08/26/2015 Introductory Ecology and Evolution Meeting, All new and continuing graduate students, postdocs, research associates, faculty, and staff of the Program in Ecology and Evolution are invited to this annual get-acquainted meeting.

09/02/2015 Ran Nathan,An emerging movement ecology paradigm

09/09/2015 Nina Jablonski,The evolution of skin pigmentation, and why it matters

09/16/2015 Heather Lynch,The spatiotemporal dynamics of Antarctic penguin populations: New tools, new methods, and new opportunities

09/23/2015 Daniel T. Ksepka,Penguin evolution in deep time: fossils, phylogeny, and divergence dating

09/30/2015 Eric Schultz,Euryhaline fishes and their evolutionary potential

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OPINION INTERVIEW, "Cocaine is bad for Colombia's forests but big farming is worse" by Liliana Davalos, 5th August, 2015 posted on New Scientist.
Our new recruit Alex Borowicz of Lynch lab was awarded a fellowship from the Institute for Advanced Computational Sciences.
PhD candidate M. Elise Lauterbur has received a competitive American Society of Mammalogy grant in aid of research for her work on the genetics of cyanide tolerance in lemurs.
The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings has selected PhD student Laurel Yohe to participate in the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany. Only the 650 most qualified young scientists from around the world can be given the opportunity.
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