This page contains the list of who should bring in food to  lab for that day and all of the student's email addresses that I have.

Food list:
9/14       Marisa
9/21       Monika
9/28       Heather
10/5       Jane
10/12      Richard
10/19      Katie
10/26      Michael
11/2        Patrick
11/9        Maggie
11/16      Aimee
11/23      Mike
11/30      Patrick
12/7       George: switch to Kerry and Brian

E-mail list (sorry if there are spelling errors)

Patrick Fur              
Michael Jimenez      
George Sideras         
Richard Cordero      
Maggie Kopko         
Michael DiPasquial  
Kerry Anne Woodhouse
Marisa Crocco           or
Jeugeniya Zamcostina
Monika Wieleba      
Aimee Bradley         
Heather Shapiro      
Brian Navarro         
Marzena Sienkiewicz
Katie Barndt           

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